The purpose of this site, (still in course of preparation) is to identify my principal built work, some projects not built and some papers written, whilst engaged in the practice of architecture from Norwich, dating from the 1960’s.

All works of architecture are the product of a team, usually extending beyond the practice to include consultants and advisors of varying influence on the result. Those within the practice, some of long-standing, who made major contributions were able in their support.  I calculated the design team for Castle Mall amounted to in excess of 200 professionals of all disciplines. ‘Conductor of the orchestra’ is the description often applied to the ‘lead’ architect. I fairly claim this title for the work set out hereafter.  I was never just administrator but ‘hands on’ in the usual meaning of that term.

The site is still under construction, so it still has non-sequiturs and is incomplete. These will be made good over the next few months. Much of the photography is quite recent, which in the case of most of the housing, (60’s & 70’s) means the buildings have been in use for quite a while.  A few were altered beyond recognition and therefore not included.  Most have survived, albeit blemished or improved and it is sometimes interesting to note the nature and reason for the changes.




Having migrated from teaching to practice, the conditions of this practice ranged from an initial very brief spell as sole practitioner to an early partnership with Christopher Lambert that was sustained until his retirement in, 1995  (Firstly, Christopher Lambert and Partners and then through Lambert and Innes, the style and the nature of the practice changed until the amalgamation with A F Scott and Sons, when Lambert Scott & Innes elided, upon Chris’ retirement, into LSIarchitects, a partnership: finally after my retirement, the practice was re-styled, LSI Architects LLP, under which title my successors continue in practice.)